Christmas Prize Fund Goes To Crisis Charity

Posted on: November 14th, 2012 by Jason 78 Comments

By now we’d hoped to have had our Christmas Competition, a replacement for our usual advent prize draw, in place and up and running. Unfortunately time and a nice bout of flu has taken it’s toll on the Loquax Team and as you’ve noticed there’s no Christmas giveaway – and we’re sorry to say that there won’t be one.

However, we have been very reflective and instead we have decided that we’d like to do something a little bit different.

So we’ve taken the advent/Christmas prize fund and decided to donate the money to what we think is a worthy cause. We looked at a number of options and decided to pick a UK charity and one that will be helping people at Christmas and beyond. Therefore we have donated the sum of £512 to the Christmas Appeal for the charity, Crisis.

The money will pay for 25 people to have a place at Crisis at Christmas. That’s 25 homeless people who will be given a chance to “shower, freshen up and get clean clothes” as well as have “hot meals, including Christmas dinner”. They’ll also be given help with “housing, gaining skills and finding work”. Compare that to 25 small prizes for an advent prize draw and hopefully you’ll understand why we’ve decided to take this route.

During the year we all have access to 100s and 1000s of chances to win lovely prizes so a few less in the prize pot during December won’t change that. It will, however, mean that folk who don’t have a place to live or struggle to survive day to day can get support on what can be a very lonely day. We think on reflection that it’s a good decision.

We know some of you may prefer that we ran a Christmas competition or did our usual Advent Prize Draws, but we hope the majority of people support us for this decision. You can see the donation made by Kirsty Darbyshire via the Crisis At Christmas Site. If you’re able to why not add your own donation?

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  1. Nan64 says:

    Totally support your decision. I think that’s a great idea. It will make a big difference to a lot of people . Thank you for thinking of this.

    Best wishes

  2. Emmaross says:

    Full support from me. I wonder if it’s feasible next year to sell Loquax mugs as a fundraiser in aid of Crisis with the profits going to the charity?

  3. zolakins says:

    Lovely idea and a great charity to donate to.

  4. scrapaddict says:

    Brilliant idea Jason and Kirsty.
    Great to feel part of it as a Loquax member

  5. alabama99 says:

    Great idea :)

  6. kevinwj says:

    Well done, good idea.


  7. cromby3 says:

    What a great idea. Well done!

  8. toddytwo says:

    Love that idea ,thank you

  9. suroben says:

    Good idea.

  10. ktmorgan3 says:

    What a great idea – the money will make a real difference to people who need it. Thank you.

  11. emb says:

    What a lovely idea. After all the fun and 3 prizes I have enjoyed over the past year I will be sending them a donation to add to your pot. Thank you.

  12. erinyslondon says:

    Well done !

  13. sheber says:

    Fantastic idea. Much as I like to enter comps and hopefully win it would be great if other firms etc followed your example.

  14. cheryl1979 says:

    Great Idea x

  15. starlily106 says:

    excellent idea. i do worry about homeless people all the time, but especially at christmas.

  16. poshpink says:

    Brilliant idea – you have my full support – perhaps this could become a tradition – its good to help other people less fortunate than yourself, particularly at Christmas.

  17. Marcinoo says:

    Well done perfect idea:)

  18. jaycee49 says:

    That’s a great idea, lets spread a bit of love at this special time, and show what Christmas IS all about. p.s, get well soon guys

  19. skerts says:

    Well done guys. A wonderful decision. x

  20. gwendipops says:

    As much as I love the advent and Christmas comps, I think this is a wonderful idea. More companies should do the same.

  21. enzina says:

    Great idea! I’ll be volunteering for Crisis this Christmas again.

  22. grandmajess says:

    great idea, is it possible that we could donate through loquax?. i only ask, because every time i donate to someting either on line or by post, i am inundated by begging letters, that just make me angry and i send no more to that charity. i wonder if they know how much of a turn off it is? i appreciate all the work you put in, and do not wish to add to your burden

  23. Carriecakes says:

    Wonderful idea! Love it. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. redrose says:

    What a great idea…….. thank you

  25. tracymac41 says:

    fantastic, behind you all the way xx

  26. twirp says:

    Wonderful, the real spirit of Christmas x

  27. turnersbabe says:

    Fab idea.

  28. angel316 says:

    Brilliant idea and such a worthy cause too :-)

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