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Our blog is where we get to write about the world of competitions, tell you our views about comping, offer help to promoters and keep you up to date with what's happening at Loquax. We'll try and share one or two fun things with you as well. You're welcome to comment on any of the articles!

In recent times we've looked at Automated Competition Entry Services that are swamping online competitions with entries! We've been investigating this issue and have useful information for promoters, including emails to look out for and how to avoid giving prizes to people who don't even visit their site.

We've also been looking at comping on both Facebook and Twitter and have blogged about FB cheats and also written a quick guide to Twitter comps. Don't forget to follow Loquax on both Facebook and Twitter

Just when you think there’s not much else left to do – other than tidy up a few odds and ends – someone comes along with another request. In this case a user wanted to know whether we could provide options to hide competitions by prize category. We have opt-outs for type of competition so […]

Some compers love statistics and will keep records of every comp entered, prize won etc. Others will use a clicker to count every comp they’ve entered too. Whilst we suspect those who do that kind of rigorous book keeping will continue with their totting up methods we have come up with a cunning plan to […]

Apply To Appear On ITV’s Tipping Point
Posted on: June 8th, 2015

Comping doesn’t have to be restricted to the confines of the internet. There are plenty of chances to win elsewhere provided you’re prepared to “go for it”. How many of you for example would go on the telly? If you’re prepared to give it a try – and you can get past the auditions then […]

Now that the new system is ticking along nicely we’re now busy tidying things up a bit. First of all we’ve added a boatload of listing options to new, closing, list by prize and list by competition type. This means you will be usally able to sort each list by date added, closing date, sitename, […]

Although we’ve made changes to the site recently, the Loquax Team are still firmly “retired” when it comes to posting competitions. This means that the baton remains with users and promoters to ensure that the site is well populated with the latest prizes and promos. As well as improving the listings we’ve also been tweaking […]

The End Of A Busy Week!!
Posted on: May 29th, 2015

At the start of this week we had a forum competition listing system that whilst functional was always a “fix” that materialised from the changes on Loquax 2.5 years ago. In fairness that system could have stayed in place but we’ve always felt it could be better. We’d managed to do direct links and tracking […]

It’s now 2.5 years since Loquax’s competition listings moved to the forums and as previously alluded to in another blog post we’ve been looking at how we can develop things. The forum format has been great for posting competitions but it’s now always the best for entering – especially when there are so many comps […]

Updates To The Competition Listings On Loquax
Posted on: April 30th, 2015

I don’t know about you but this year seems to be flying by! We’re now almost into May and we’ve finally found some time to start doing some work on the competitions side of Loquax. Our aim is to try and make using the site easier and hopefully encourage more people to get involved. A […]

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